IntPat: Intonational compensation patterns in the L2

IntPat: Intonational compensation patterns in the L2 – The role of context and exposure

Jun.-Prof. Dr. Katharina Zahner-Ritter und Dr. Judith Manzoni-Luxenburger

Laufzeit: seit 05/2021

Projektbeschreibung: The present project focuses on patterns from the perspective of phonetics. Specifically, the project addresses the form and function of intonational patterns in second language (L2) acquisition, concentrating on Luxembourgish (L1) speakers in their L2s English and German. We investigate how context (availability of sonorant material; communicative function), as well as experience (manipulated via exposure phases) shape the use and interpretation of intonational patterns in the L2. The project will help advancing theory building in L2 intonation acquisition, and hence contribute to optimizing conditions for language learning. Our findings will also add to an emerging field of research on Luxembourgish intonation.

Förderung: Start-up finding for pilot study; research assistant Melanie Loes (12 months).

Projektrelevante Publikationen:

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