Filatkina, Natalia & Sören Stumpf (editors) (2018): Konventionalisierung und Variation. Phraseologische und konstruktionsgrammatische Perspektiven. Berlin: Peter Lang.

Cover Konventionalisierung und Variation

This volume brings together a number of linguistic studies dealing with the interaction between the conventionalized and variation. On the basis of concrete examples, the contributions analyze the interaction between conventionalization and variation, investigate the reasons for the conventionalization of particular items and describe both the variation potential and the variation restrictions. The examples cover the broad spectrum between more grammar-like and more lexis-like structures, yet cannot be unambiguously ascribed to either of these two opposing poles. They thus provide excellent proof that the conventional extends over different levels of language, and can however only be properly understood against the background of variation. Several of the contributions explicitly discuss the advantages and disadvantages of the theoretical orientation of such phrases within the framework of the existing paradigms (phraseology research, construction grammar etc.).

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