Stein, Stephan & Sören Stumpf (2019): Muster in Sprache und Kommunikation. Eine Einführung in Konzepte sprachlicher Vorgeformtheit. Berlin: Erich Schmidt Verlag.

Patterns in language and communication are a fundamental and extremely multifaceted characteristic of natural languages. Every day in speech and in writing language users employ formulaic structures and entities. The spectrum of linguistic patterns does not only cover the collocations and phrasemes discussed in traditional phraseology. Rather, patterns in numerous variations occur everywhere in language and communication, for instance at word, sentence and text levels, in conversations and transtextual discourses. This introduction provides an overview of the various manifestations of linguistic patterning in present-day German. Using authentic examples, the authors identify the particular characteristics and communicative relevance of formulaicity.
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