Belosevic, Milena (2022): Vertrauen und Misstrauen in der Flüchtlingsdebatte 2015–2017.Eine diskurslinguistische Untersuchung von Argumentationsmustern

Milena Belosevic (2022): Vertrauen und Misstrauen in der Flüchtlingsdebatte 2015–2017. Eine diskurslinguistische Untersuchung von Argumentationsmustern / Trust and mistrust in the debate on refugees 2015–2017. A discourse linguistic study on argumentation patterns

Sprache-Politik-Gesellschaft  29 (PhD Thesis, Trier University)

DOI: 10.46771/978–3‑96769–198‑6

                                                               The recent debate on refugees has been one of the most controversial issues in the youngest German history. This volume approaches the notion of so-called welcome culture in Germany from a discourse linguistic perspective and defines it as the linguistic construction of trust and mistrust towards refugees in the mass media. It investigates linguistic patterns underlying the erosion and emergence of trust by drawing on argumentation topoi (argumentation patterns). The corpus study focuses on how the trust towards refugees has been linguistically constructed in German mass media from September 2015 to February 2017. The results suggest that neither distrustful nor trustful attitudes towards refugees have been dominant in the investigated period. From a theoretical-methodological point of view, the volume argues for extending the scope of the linguistic research on trust to the discourse-linguistic level and provides evidence for the potential of manual annotation for discourse-linguistic questions.

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