13th German Slavic Studies Conference

International Congress of German-language Slavic Studies (24th-26th September)

The German Slavic Studies Conference covers all topics in the field of Slavic linguistics, literature and cultural studies as well as didactics of Slavic languages.

Lecture topics from the linguistics section

  • Historical linguistics
  • Sociolinguistics
  • Contact- and areal linguistics
  • Pragmatics, text- and conversational analysis
  • Cultural linguistics
  • Semantics, word-formation, lexicology, lexicography
  • Phraseology, phraseography,
  • Syntax, morphosyntax
  • Phonology, phonetics, accentology,graphemics
  • Migration Linguistics

Keynote Speakers:


  • Prof. Dr. Mark Lipovetsky (Boulder, CO)
  • Prof. Dr. Stephanie Sandler (Boston, MA)


  • Prof. Dr. Daiel Weiss (Univerity of  Z├╝rich)
  • Prof. Dr. Maksim Krongauz (Higher School of Economics Moscow)