New Book Series ”Formelhafte Sprache/Formulaic Language”

The new book series Formelhafte Sprache / Formulaic Language offers an integrative platform for innovative publications aiming at all forms of formulaicity (German: VorgeformtheitMusterhaftigkeitFormelhaftigkeit) – linguistic, cognitive, conceptual – at all levels of language system and in language use as well as in not purely linguistic areas such as cultural heritage or knowledge creation and storage. Possible research directions are patterns/prefabs in lexicon and grammar, word formation and phraseology, written texts and oral conversations, discourses and text corpora, stereotype building and stigmatization, cognition and cultural memory, verbal and visual knowledge formation and language acquisition. The series covers monographs and conference volumes devoted to theoretical and empirical questions of linguistic, conceptual and cognitive pattern/prefab functioning in modern and historical times. Another central question is the practical role of formulaic patterns/prefabs in language acquisition and teaching. Theoretical and methodological studies from the area of usage-based linguistic frameworks, grammaticalization, lexicalization, Construction Grammars, Corpus / Computer Linguistics, Natural Language Processing and Digital Humanities are welcome. Languages of publication are German and English.All submitted manuscripts are peer-reviewed by the Advisory Board prior to publication.