Working session:  Patterns. Linguistic creativity and Variation in Times of Corona

Trier Center for Language and Communication (TCLC) working session on “Patterns: Linguistic Creativity and Variation in Times of Corona”

08.07.2020, 18.00 sharp, Zoom

Since March this year the Coronavirus has determined our  day-to-day lives.  At the same time, it has   affected our language: technical terms from virology have entered our everyday language, all kinds of neologisms (borrowings, word formations, transfers of meaning) are appearing along with the changes in our everyday lives   and working conditions.  In addition to these primarily structural aspects, discussions of terminology, new conspiracy theories, pandemic-related language consultation and multimodal memes provide a broad spectrum for linguistic analysis surrounding the current Corona discourse.

Going beyond traditional subject and discipline boundaries, TCLC members will shed light on the topic “Language and Corona”.

Everybody welcome.  You are invited to take part in a discussion likewise extending across language and subject boundaries.

Co-ordination Prof. Dr. Andre Klump (

Registration by 07.07.2020 by e‑mail with Frau Christina Jacobs: Frau Jacobs will provide details of the Zoom meeting.